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At just 10 minutes from Barranquilla is an amazing place that emphasizes  the Caribbean tradition of the region. The hotel Pradomar located in Puerto Colombia, Atántico born 70 years ago with the desire to be the tourist Pearl of the caribbean, making up a strong position in the hotel industry. It was the scene of many events, stories and experiences typical of the era.


In the Beggining it was the place chosen by the visitor of the classic Hotel El Prado, to spend some days in front of the beach, thanks to the association enjoyed at that time. Previously, just 5 hotels had a big name in the tourist sector of Puerto Colombia. Today after 70 years, hotel Pradomar is the only one that keeps innovation and tradition in one place. Working year after year and generation to generation.


We invite you to meet this wonderful place that today has a restaurant, showrooms, special rooms, and all the idiosyncrasies of the Caribbean region in its spectacular beach with lounge chairs and unique spaces to live the best moments in front of the beach. We are aware of the care for the evironment so we work hard to be pioneers in the region. Look after our natural spaces!.


Meet and discover the history of Puerto Colombia, attractions and information with the Puerto Colombia Foundation.


Puerto Colombja is a town and a municipality located in the northwest of the Department of Atlantico. Bordered on the nort with the coast of the Caribbean Sea.  Between the late nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth worked as a maritime terminal in Barranquilla, with which it was connected by a railroad track.


The territory occupied by the municipality of Puerto Colombia was part of the municipality of Tubará, territory traditionally occupied by the mocan culture. Its origin dates back to 1850 when a significant number of families from Tubará and San Antonio del Salgar raised their homes at the foot of a hill called Cupino, which derived its name, “hill Cupino”, Attracted by the abundance of fish and trranquility of the environment.


On December 31st , 1870. The railway between Barranquilla and Salgar opened. Because of the shallow bay, it was decided, at the reqiest of Cisneros, who had adquired the railway, the extensión of  the railroad to Cupino, this work opened on December 31, 1988.

Later the village took the name of Puerto Colombia in 1893, when construction of the pier by the Cuban engineer concluded. It gave way to the most important maritime terminal of Colombia in the first four decades of the twentieth century and a municipality on permanent development, serving as a port to Barranquilla. This pier was once the second longest in the world, with 4,000 feet long.


The name was given the opening day of spring, 15 August 1893. Cisneros had proposed to the President of the Republic of the time, Rafael Nuñez, call the town Puerto Núñez; he refused and said it should be called Puerto Cisneros, what the ingenious entrepreneur did was to denominate the town  Puerto Colombia. Puerto Colombia was elevated to the category of municipality by Decree 19 of June 24, 1905, emanated from the governor of the department of Atlantico.


Puerto Colombia has the fortune of having the first marine dock of the country, which was used by the majority of immigrants from all over the world during the first and second world war, bringing the development that expanded all over the Colombian territory. Below is a list that has all the registered names of families that touched dry land through the dock of Puerto Colombia.


Taken from the foundation Puerto Colombia


 4 mins to visit Manglares

23 mins to visit Pueto Velero Port

5 mins to visit Salgar Castle

8 mins to visit Ruins

5 mins to visit Sabanilla and Salgar Beaches

Barranquilla 15 mins

Cartagena 1 hour aprox

Santa Marta half hour aprox

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